Adaptive Executive Teams

Adaptive Executive Teams

Our Clients: Two of Australia's largest and highest ranked Universities

This brief case study describes the ongoing journey and successes in developing collaboration and adaptability amongst leadership teams in large, complex enterprises. Both assignments are ongoing.

The Context and Need

Our Clients are highly regarded, world-ranked Universities with substantial Australian and global footprints.

Both have enviable track records of success, and face a rapidly changing industry sector driven by all of the global forces of technology, economics and social change.

The Interventions

The top five steps across both assignments were:

Reshaped Operating Rhythm - engaged the Executive and Senior Portfolio Teams in specific development experiences to embrace a more adaptive operating model built on core principles of one team and agile

Launched Small, Fast Teams - identified and used critical cross-enterprise projects / initiatives to embed new ‘One Team Agile’ ways of working (to orient towards customer-centered design, small fast empowered teams and faster delivery through using visual management and sprint cycles)

Capability Uplift - coached Portfolio Leadership Teams to set-up their leadership practices to sponsor, coach and model new ways of working

Showcase Examples - created (in partnership with Agile Specialist Consultants) showcase examples of agile ways of working principles being applied, adapted and scaled to deliver better outcomes at greater velocity in delivery teams

Learning Loops - embedded learning loops through using One Team Pulsing Surveys to enable teams to quickly identify where alignment, collaboration and learning are sub-optimal

Key Impacts

The impacts of these initiatives are continuing to accelerate as the major initiatives are delivering outcomes, and the new ways of working are filtering into areas which have traditionally been very resistant to change.

The Executive Sponsor for one of the Universities (a G8) said:

"Think One Team have partnered with my leaders and teams at critical moments in transformation projects across two Universities and never let us down. Importantly, they are keeping it simple and practical."