Executive Team Agility

High Performing Executive Team

Our Client: Mid-sized Australian Bank.

This brief case study highlights how Think One Team has, and continues to support the Executive Team to deliver on current performance targets while accelerating growth and transformation to agile collaborative ways of working.

The Context & Need

Our client is capturing market share by deploying a more agile, customer-centric model supported by strong partnering.

The Chief Executive engaged Think One Team to:

  • accelerate and sustain the development of a high performing Executive Team
  • partner with in-house and external People & Culture specialists to uplift the capabilities of senior leaders to sponsor, coach and model new agile collaborative ways of working.

Key Steps in the Intervention

Measured Current State - gathering One Team Analytics on the Executive Team, including levels of alignment, trust, learning agility and engagement with wider Leadership Group

Facilitated Executive Team Learning - high impact workshops and activities to establish and sustain a new operating rhythm and ways of working to reshape the enterprise

Deployed Think One Team Micro-Skills Coaching - embedding new ways of working into daily activities through (a) performance partnering between CE and each Executive (b) agile operating rhythm (c) deployment in small fast teams to boost trust, partnering and impact

Ongoing Partnering - with the Bank’s Agile Organisation Design Consultants and the People & Culture Team to create the learning agility to accelerate enterprise re-design and new ways of working

Key Impacts

Achieved 21% lift in the wider Leadership cohorts evaluation of the Executive Team performance and impact (using a Net Teaming Score) within a 90 day cycle.

Other impacts are ongoing and integrated into the strategy execution as described by the Chief Executive:

"Think One Team has challenged and lifted us as an Executive Team, built capability across our Leadership Group, and partnered with us to instil practical tools for collaboration and performance conversations across the Bank. (I confidently recommend them to any enterprise seeking transformation in people culture and performance)."