International Team-of-Teams

Business Transformation

Our Client: Iconic global health care company employing 11,000 people.

This brief case study highlights how Think One Team helped to drive rapid and successful transformation of a global business by instilling a one team mindset, supported by shared tools and agile collaborative ways of working across multiple global sites.

The Context and Need

Our client required a one team approach to implementing multiple change initiatives across ten global sites.

The core need was to strengthen alignment, collaboration and agile learning to enable successful rationalization of product range, manufacturing sites and supply chain hubs.

Key Steps in the Intervention

Pilot of Think One Team - Proof of effectiveness by Global Executive Team, and Australian and Chinese Operations Teams to test content and cultural fit

Co-Create the Program - Designed and planned for intensive 9 month program targeting core capabilities of team-to-team partnering, collaborative problem solving and learning agility

Upskill a Pool of Internal Coaches - based across sites in North America, China, Australia, Europe, South America

Co-Launch and Coach the Implementation - equipping leadership teams and specialists to coach one team agile ways of working into daily rhythm, reinforced metrics and debriefing

Sustain the Change - continued coaching and support for the in-company Coaching Group and Organisation Development Team

Key Impacts

The Program exceeded performance expectations on the three core objectives:

  • Executive and Regional Leadership Team unity and effectiveness in executing against strategy
  • Efficiency dividends gained through collaborative problem solving workouts within and between sites
  • Achievement of change implementation targets between sites and functions.

The Sponsor of the initiative, the VP Global Operations described the impact:

"The Think One Team approach of embedding shared tools and practices in partnering, collaborative problem solving and debriefing was a key plank in helping Global Operations to drive rapid and effective change across multiple sites around the world."

The Global Head of Organisation Development added,

"This approach has enabled us to invest in people while getting a business result at the same time."