Accelerate Team Development

Deliver Value, Faster

Most teams don’t have the luxury of a long ‘runway’ to get up to speed. They need to form fast and deliver value from day one.

That's why we created a 'Fast Start' approach at Think One Team which means teams immediately apply simple practical tools to get real clarity of purpose and the dynamic operating rhythm they need to wrestle the big challenges to the ground.

Here's how...

  • Simple engaging tools - to immediately boost capability, drive agility and foster collaboration
  • Robust operating rhythm - to generate the dynamic alignment, collaboration and learning
  • Targeted feedback - to bring the power of learning loops to the team and to each individual, so they improve faster
  • Snackable learning - to deliver capability uplift and learning when and where it is needed

What does success look like?

Instead of 'forming and storming', our approach is to guide new teams to quickly and effectively set up for success by getting absolute clarity of purpose, priorities and accountability. They then work to embed a unique operating rhythm that drives optimal learning and performance.

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