Embrace One Team Agility

Agility is a One Team Game

Enterprise agility is essential in a turbulent ever-changing world.

Unfortunately mainstream agile methods weren't designed for leadership teams, and too often create silos instead of the agility of a one team culture.

That's why we created 'One Team Agility' to embed agile collaborative ways of working in leadership teams and the team-of-teams

One Team Agility is quickly becoming the choice of leaders of top Universities, Banks, Government Agencies and even Start-ups. Read our guide to setting up your Leadership Teams for agility and high performance.

Here's why...

One Team Agility integrates core principles of agile, design thinking, adaptive leadership and think one team into one easy-to-apply approach.

Leaders are coached to develop a new operating rhythm, and to work in 'learning sprints' to address big questions such as:

How do we:

  • Model agile collaborative ways of working as a leadership team?
  • Sponsor and coach these ways of working?
  • Address enterprise impediments to agility?
  • Avoid confusion and disputes about what 'agile' and 'agility' mean?

Our unique micro-skills coaching process engages leaders by quickly upskilling them in collaborative problem solving, co-creation coaching, debriefing and real cross-functional partnering.

Our Focus is Primarily Leadership Teams which is why we also partner with leading specialist Agile Firms to provide clients with a one team approach to full-scale Agile transformation.

What does success look like?

All leaders understand the why, what and how of the journey to enhanced agility and adaptability. The operating rhythm of leadership teams is increasingly driven by great collaboration and shared learning (not by hierarchy or adherence to a single methodology).

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