Measure & Lift Learning Agility

Feedback Accelerates Learning

If leadership teams make or break enterprise success, why is the feedback on their impact so infrequent?

It's a great question, which caused us to ask something more specific:

"What feedback to leadership teams would have the greatest impact on their alignment, collaboration and learning as a team, and with important partners?"

The answer inspired our team to create a suite of what we've called One Team Analytics which continue to be refined as we adapt and learn what data is most impactful for leaders and teams.

Here's what we are measuring...

#1 Team Development & Unity

  • United Team Index - to assess five dimensions of team unity, including alignment and trust
  • Team Maturity Index - to understand the stage of team development (against the Think One Team capability matrix) so we can target development

#2 Leadership & Team Style and Impact

  • Customised 360 Degree Feedback for Leaders - to understand style and impact. These are in full scale and mini-pulse 360's to suit agile ways of working
  • Team Style Profile - to understand individual style and team dynamics. Our preferred profile is the Team Management Profile

#3 Team and Leader Pulsing

  • Team 'ACL' Pulse Checks - aligned with the operating rhythm to provide timely feedback on leadership and teamwork

What does success look like?

Instead of 'back channel' conversations, all leaders and teams get the feedback they need to adapt quickly to potential derailers. Coaching and development is targeted to have the greatest impact. A culture of growth mindset is fostered and high quality feedback conversations are the norm.

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