Reinvent Performance Conversations

Performance partnering

Traditional performance management practices were never designed to foster the employee engagement and fast feedback that's needed for enterprise agility.

That's why we created Performance Partnering to provide leaders and the people they lead with a simple engaging way to align expectations and learn together at pace, and to a depth, suited to a fast-changing world.

Here's how it works...

  • Re-define 'Performance' - so it's about achieving, developing, enjoying and partnering - not just about KPI's
  • Make it agile - so it's a simple, engaging process based on a 90-day performance cycle with 30-day catch-ups - not an annual process
  • Boost feedback skills and behaviours - so leaders can coach and employees know how to accept empowerment
  • Embed performance partnering - so it's part of the business operating rhythm - not a separate 'tick-and-flick' process

What does success look like?

Instead of performance management, people are excited about conversations that drive engagement and empowerment. Shared goals and expectations enable leaders and the people they lead to align, collaborate and learn together to create great outcomes.

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