Our Team

Experienced. Skilled. Clever. Committed to client outcomes.

Our team brings deep experience and expertise in building high performing leadership teams and the wider team-of-teams.

We genuinely deliver great outcomes through world-class people solutions and services, and we are known for innovation and leading edge methods.

In addition to the leaders highlighted below, we have a great support team, and a host of partners and associates.


  • Graham Winter

    Graham Winter has made a career out of a passion for high performance. He was Chief psychologist in three Australian Olympic Teams, PwC Strategic Change Leader, and best selling author of 6 business books. Graham founded Think One Team with one aim in mind: to unlock the untapped potential for great teamwork and collaboration across all enterprises.

  • Anne Carman

    Anne Carman thrives on helping leaders and teams be the best they can be. She’s been-there done-that as a People & Culture Executive, which perhaps explains why her energetic facilitation and empathic coaching makes her a favourite with leaders and teams who like a little ‘edge’ and are sometimes too hard on themselves.

  • Grant Meyer

    Grant Meyer loves understanding what makes people tick. He brings international experience as an Organisational Psychologist and Consultant and takes the lead in designing and deploying one team analytics that power up the learning agility and performance of leaders and teams.

  • Mark Williams

    Mark Williams has led and facilitated leadership teams in Australia’s biggest enterprises. His passion is creating world class learning environments, and he’s never afraid to challenge a team to disrupt themselves to take it to a new level.

  • Kathryn Houghton

    Kathryn Houghton is an experienced organisational development professional with a unique career background – including engineering, production leadership and HR. She is passionate about culture, leadership and teamwork. Kathryn collaborates with organisations to implement customised organisational development solutions, which engage, support and build high-level performance.

We Are Easy To Engage

Our preferred approach with new clients is to get together for a chemistry check with the team or key leaders.

This gives us a chance to understand your context, and provides your Team with the practical experience of using one or more of our Think One tools with our Facilitator / Coach.

That means we are both set up to make the right choices to deliver success.

To enquire about a chemistry check for your team, just drop us a line using the contact form!